So you want your own mobile phone apps?

Good for you, because your business deserves it. Mobile phone apps offer an exciting new avenue for small business owners to reach consumers. Businesses in just about every industry are developing innovative applications based on iPhone and Android mobile technology. Mobile apps span a vast range of categories, and they take advantage of mobile smartphone features such as GPS, camera, data and interactive graphics capabilities. By investing in a mobile app, your business can forge new opportunities for engaging and interacting with customers.

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a mobile presence, your competitors will. Businesses are finding innovative ways to harness the handheld devices for consumer marketing, relationship building, and mobile services. If you do business locally, you can update your clients on new products, you can send them coupons, you can manage appointments, provide driving instructions… If your business is not restricted geographically, your phone app will help you reach thousands of potential new clients.

Yet, app development should not cost you an arm and a leg. We can give you an Apple, Android and HTML5 native mobile app for $199 plus a small monthly management fee that allows you full capabilities to add, edit, and maintain your app from a very easy to use content management system.