Multilingual Pay Per Click – PPC

Pay Per Click is a unique internet advertising campaign which is used on websites or on search engines. Pay per click website advertisements can be placed anywhere on the webpage, as sponsored results, on the right hand side, on the top of the page, or to the right of the search results page; when a user clicks on the advertisement link, the advertiser is charged a specific amount that can be between 0.05 cents to more than $50 per click.

Global Pay per click is the fastest way of internet marketing nowadays and it save lot of time but it’s the best way to generate the largest return on your advertising cost. PPC, can be defined as an effective and simple way of Internet marketing. Using PPC can makes you reach out very fast to targeted market in order to generate lot of business leads.

Our Bilingual Arabic PPC and Arabic SEO experts are ready to serve you.

Pay Per Click Services are :

* PPC competitive analysis

* PPC keyword discovery

* PPC keyword optimization

* PPC (Ad) copywriting

* PPC campaign setup

* PPC campaign management

* PPC synchronization with website analytics

* PPC conversion tracking and optimization

* PPC reporting

* Landing Page Design

We are Qualified and experts with three of the largest PPC providers Google Adwords , Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcenter.